Dry Ground Mica powder

Dry Ground Mica Powder using the best raw material from mines. Manufactured in hammer mills, our Dry Ground Mica Powder is screened to the required mesh size. High quality raw material is used for manufacturing it. The standard grades we offer are 60 mesh and 100 mesh. Our mica finds application in paints, plastics, welding electrodes, wall board joint compounds, etc.

Applications of Dry Ground Mica:


In the paint industry ground mica is used as a pigment extender that also facilitates suspension, reduces chalking, prevents shrinking and shearing of the paint film, increases resistance of the paint film to water penetration and weathering, and brightens the tone of colored pigments. Mica also promotes paint adhesion in aqueous and oleoresinous formulations. Consumption of dry-ground mica in paint is its second largest use.


Welding electrodes:

Muscovite dry ground Mica is extensively used in mild steel rutile based welding electrodes. In welding electrodes a core of steel wire is coated uniformly with a “flux” comprising mica as a lagging compound. The mica coating provides two distinctive types of protection to the welding rods. Firstly, it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone on the arc. Secondly, it resists the action of the heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidization. Nothing can substitute Mica for the above application. In fact, it is the nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of welding electrodes.


Gypsum Plasterboards:

Ground Mica for joint cement and gypsum plastic wall-boards – Micamafco offers Muscovite dry ground Mica + 100 Mesh (+150 microns) Mica Powder for Gypsum plaster board , wall board and cement compounds. The Mica acts as a filler and extender, provides a smooth consistency, improves the workability of the compound, and provides resistance to cracking.


Automotive Acoustics:

Muscovite Powder is widely used as a filler in non – asbestos acoustic products for treatment of automobile under- bodies and noise protection systems because of functional morphological and surface characteristics. The addition of Mica Acoustics compounds improves its materials properties significantly, such as, improve heat and UV resistance, increase tensile and flexural strengths, reduce isotropic shrinkage and permeability, enhance the dielectric and insulating properties, etc. In fact Micamafco Mica is a unique mineral which offers the multiple advantage of noise and vibration absorption, reduces flammability, adds low temperature impact resistance, high thermal stability and multi-directional lateral re-enforcement to composite plastic systems. No other product provide such functional enhancement to acoustic bitumen compounds and plastic polymer compound such as superior quality and excellent dimensions stability than Micamafco Mica.

Oil Well drillings (on-shore and off shore):

Ground mica is used in the well-drilling industry as an additive to drilling muds. The coarsely ground mica flakes help prevent the loss of circulation by sealing porous sections of the drill hole.


Rubber :

Rubber Industry uses ground mica as an inert filler and a mold release compound in the manufacture of molded rubber products, such as tires and roofing. The platy texture acts as an ant blocking, ant sticking agent.


Plastics :

The plastics industry uses dry-ground mica as an extender and filler, especially in parts for automobiles for lightweight insulation to suppress sound and vibration. Mica is used in plastic automobile fascia and fenders as a reinforcing material, thus providing improved mechanical properties and increased strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Mica-reinforced plastics also have high-heat dimensional stability, reduced war page, and the best surface properties of any filled plastic composite.


Automotive Industry Paints:

Wet-ground mica, which retains the brilliancy of its cleavage faces, is used primarily in automotive industry paints. In the cosmetics industry, mica's reflective and refractive properties make it an important ingredient in blushes, eye shadow, body and hair glitter, nail polish, and foundation.


Rolled roofing and asphalt shingles:

Dry-ground mica is used in the production of rolled roofing and asphalt shingles where it serves as a surface coating to prevent sticking of adjacent surfaces. The coating is not absorbed by freshly manufactured roofing because mica's platy structure is unaffected by the acid in asphalt