Other Industries

CERAMICS, OIL FIELDS Drilling, GYPSUM , FOUNDRIES , REFRACTORY , ASPHALT , Wall Putty, Gypsum board , etc. 

Significant volume of Mica Powder are used as a filler in light weight pre-fabricated gypsum wallboards, slabs and panels for building constructions. 
Mica flakes manufacturers fabricate these to split the wall of houses for preventing noise, heat & ultra violet rays. 
Mica Powder is a cost effective filler and extender in wallboard joint cement compounds. It is used for filling and finishing the joints, seams and blemishes on gypsum wallboard, between adjacent sheets and other structural constructions. Mica acts as a reinforcing agent improving the workability of compound by preventing cracking, eliminating peeling and reducing shrinkage. 


Mica is having unique combination of Physical, chemical and Thermal properties , low power loss factor, Dielectric constant and Dielectric strength. Mica is fire proof , stable and completely inert to action of water, acid, oil and solvents. Its is unaffected by atmospheric acids and chemicals.  It has high dielectric strength. 

Mica Powder is used as an inert filler to asphalt and bituminous compositions. Applied as a surface coating to rolled asphalt roofing. It increases hardness and resistance to mechanical stress and weathering. 
Mica prevents sticking of adjacent surfaces during manufacture and storage. The coating is not absorbed by freshly manufactured roofing because of the platy structure of mica. It imparts glistening appearance and enhances durability of the roofing product.


Ceramics Improving of mold release and fire-proof of building material boards,provide machinability.

Mica is used as Mud additives in drilling fluids to prevent loss of circulation , and as a sealant. Mica is good Sealant because the particles overlap each other sticking to the side of hole and creating a sealed wall.