Paras MICA

Mica powder For Perlescent Pigment

MUSCOVITE WET GROUND MICA POWDER of superior quality having low iron contents, Very thin, Flat and smooth surface, Good skin adhesion, High Slip, High spread, Very good Transparency, high glossiness, are used in large proportion in production of PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS, because of its reflective and refractive properties and its ability to reproduce artificially a "mother of pearl" or nacreceous colours from silver white through all shades of the rainbow varying from a silky luster to a glittering sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than 2.5) and a good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. We are producing vide range of Wet Ground Mica Powder like 5-25, 10-60, 10-40, 10-100, 20-100, 30-70, 40-200, 40-300 micron for Pearlescent Pigment Industries.