Paras MICA

Mica Flakes

Mica Flakes is mica scrap grinded into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. We prepare natural mica flakes mainly by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine (Pulvigator) in which the mica is beaten till such time that the required size is achieved. Grinded into various sizes from pure muscovite mica, our natural mica flakes are greatly sought after by industries involved in manufacturing of pearlescent pigment, concrete block fillers, refractory bricks, asphalt roofing felts, metals explosives and disinfectant etc.

Mica Flakes For Pearlescent Pigments

MUSCOVITE MICA FLAKES of superior quality having low iron contents are used in large proportion in production of PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS, because of its reflective and refractive properties and its ability to reproduce artificially a "mother of pearl" or nacreous colours from silver white through all shades of the rainbow varying from a silky lustre to a glittering sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than 2.5) and a good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.

Calcined Mica Flakes

Calcined Micas are characterised by a sheet or plate like structure which because of its excellent basal cleavage enables particles of high aspect ratio to be produced.  These lamellar particles are flexible, tough, relatively soft, have a low co-efficient of thermal expansion, exceptional electrical properties and excellent chemical resistance.

Calcined mica flakes are made first out of mica lumps/scrap through a pulvigator and screener. Then it is heated at a temperature of 800-900 degree celsius for about half an hour.

Uses : It is used in the manufacture of pearlescent pigment, mica paper & mica tape due to its high tensile strength & dielectric properties

Calcined Muscovite Grades : 2-8mesh, 8mesh,  20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh,100mesh,200mesh, 325mesh, 600mesh, 1000mesh etc..